1.Poster for le Vent de la Violence (the Wilby Conspiracy), directed by Ralph Nelson, starring Sidney Poitier, Michael Cane and Nicol Williamson, US, 1974, 210x277mm

1.    Cover of A Flood of Light Upon the Book of Revelation, Every Verse Simply Explained by John S Fox, published by the association of the covenant people, Canada, c1953, 150x205mm

1.    Leningrad travel brouchure, published by Intouries: USSR Company for Foreign Travel, Moscow, 1990, 110x220mm

1.Poster for Les Coeurs Verts, directed by Edouard Luntz, starring Gerard Zimmerman, France, 1965-66, 170x220mm

1.Poster for Partner, directed by Bernardo Bertolucci, starring Pierre Clementi and Tina Aumont, Italy, 1968, 230x330mm

1.    Cover of The Rapture by F.W.C Neser, printed by Prestige Art Press, Vereeniging, South Africa, 2002, 137x200mm

1.    Cover of Arena, a Literary Magazine, edited by Noel Farr Hoggard, published by The Handcraft Press, Wellington, 1972, 135x210mm

1.    Spreads from British Steam Locomotives, a Colourmaster Publication, text by O.S Nock, St.Ives, Great Britain, 1972, 140x185mm

1.Poster for Porky’s, directed by Bob Clark, starring Dan Monahan and Wyatt Knight, US, 1982, 220x300mm

1.    Covers of Mon Film featuring Dolly Davis, Mireille Perrey, Meg Lomonnier, Lew Ayres, Madeline Renaud et Pierre Blanchar and Jeanne Boitel et Armand Bernard, France, 1931-2, 260x355mm