1.Poster for L’Argent de la Banque (money in the bank), directed by Daryl Duke, starring Elliot gould, Christopher Plummer and Susannah York, US, 1978, 270x210mm

1.Poster for L’ile Nue (the naked Island), directed by Kaneto Shindo, starring Nobuko Otowa and Taiji Tonoyama, Japan, 1960, 240x310mm

1.Poster for La Vieille Fille (the old maid), directed by Jean-Pierre Blanc, starring Annie Girardot and Philippe Noiret, France, 1972, 245x335mm

1.    Spreads from Len Jury Ltd, Postal Stamp Auction 430, Auckland, New Zealand, June 2006, 150x210mm

Poster for La Voyage en Douce, directed by Michel Deville, starring Dominique Sanda and Geraldine Chaplin, France, 1980, 215x275mm

1.    Cover of Rahab & Ruth: Who Were They? By R K Phillips, published by British Israel World Federation, Australia, 1983, 150x205mm

1.Poster for Lache-moi les Baskets! directed by Joseph Ruben, starring Robert Carradine and Jennifer Ashley, US, 1976, 220x300mm

1.Poster for le Vent de la Violence (the Wilby Conspiracy), directed by Ralph Nelson, starring Sidney Poitier, Michael Cane and Nicol Williamson, US, 1974, 210x277mm

1.    Cover of A Flood of Light Upon the Book of Revelation, Every Verse Simply Explained by John S Fox, published by the association of the covenant people, Canada, c1953, 150x205mm

1.    Leningrad travel brouchure, published by Intouries: USSR Company for Foreign Travel, Moscow, 1990, 110x220mm