1.    Covers of Garms Number 8: Easter, 9: May 1st and 12: Midsummer, edited by Henry Rein, Sweden, 1927, 240x325mm

Spreads from Speedball Textbook for Pen and Brush Lettering, 19th edition, originated by Ross F. George, Philadelphia, 1965, 140x210mm.

1.    Poster for Jeunes-filles chez le Gynecologue, directed by Ernst Hofbauer, starring Monika Dahlberg and Christing Schuberth, France, 1970, 295x235mm 

1.    Cover of Time Came Hunting Time: Vietnam by L.E Scott, published by Saturday Centre Books, Australia, 1979, 145x205mm

1.    Covers of two Wales and Midlands Road Map No 4, printed by Edward Stanford Ltd for the Esso Petroleum Company Ltd, Great Britain, c1960, 100x225mm (closed)

1.    Cover of British Youth for Christ Quarterly Magazine, edited by F. Arthur Hudson, Sussex, 1951, 140x220mm

1.    Cover of The Praise of Yorkshire Ale by George Meriton, York, Great Britain, originally published in 1684, reprinted 1975, 95x150mm

1.    Spreads from a catalogue for Le Theatre et Comoedia Illustre, featuring the famous dancer Jean Borlin, France, 1924, 265x350mm

1.Poster for L’Argent de la Banque (money in the bank), directed by Daryl Duke, starring Elliot gould, Christopher Plummer and Susannah York, US, 1978, 270x210mm

1.Poster for L’ile Nue (the naked Island), directed by Kaneto Shindo, starring Nobuko Otowa and Taiji Tonoyama, Japan, 1960, 240x310mm